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Electrolux varslar 99


Derangements in washing machines can spoil the mood of any person badly, as the planned process of washing is postponed for an indefinite period of time because of failures. You can fix some kinds of failures yourself, without resorting to the help of a specialist, whose services can be costly. If you try to describe the machines of the Swedish brand Electrolux briefly, the first things that Electrolux varslar 99 to mind are their durability and endurance.

But these units do not have an infinite operating life. The fact that there is something wrong with the "Electrolux varslar 99" device is evidenced by problems with spinning, the powder that is not washed out from the dispenser, extraneous noises and puddles on the floor, or an error code appears on the display suggesting the nature of the Electrolux varslar 99. First, review the instructions — you can fix some problems yourself.

What do the incomprehensible symbols on the display of the Electrolux automatic washing machine mean? Most often, these are indications of certain errors. Knowing the error codes of Electrolux washing machines, we will be able to quickly find the faulty unit or repair some or other failure. In addition, error codes Electrolux varslar 99 Electrolux washing machines will help cope with abnormal situations.

If the manufacturer recommends referring to professionals, call for Electrolux specialist to repair the washing machine. We put all the codes in a small table with which you can quickly carry out the diagnosis of your washing machine.

But as practice shows, some errors are missing from this table. For example, EH0 error in the Electrolux washing machine indicates a low supply voltage, and such a code cannot be found in the tables for services. Cycle is paused with door locked. E12 Difficulties in water fill for drying Tap closed or water pressure too low; Drain tube improperly Dositioned; Water fill solenoid valve is faulty; Leaks from water circuit on pressure switch; Pressure switch faulty; Wiring faulty; PCB faulty.

Cycle is paused after 2 attempts. Safety drain cycle - Cycle stops with door unlocked. E31 Electronic pressure switch circuit faulty frequency of pressure switch signal out of limits Electronic pressure switch; Wiring; PCB faulty. Cycle blocked with door closed. E35 Water overflow Water fill solenoid faulty; Leaks from water circuit on pressure switch; Dressure switch faulty; wiring faulty; PCB faulty. Drain pump always in operation 5 minutes on, 5 Electrolux varslar 99 off etc. E38 Pressure chamber blocked Electrolux varslar 99 level does not vary for at least 30 sec.

E41 Door open after 15 sec. Door interlock faulty; wiring faulty; PCB faulty. Safety drain cycle Cycle blocked. E44 Door interlock sensing circuit triac faulty PCB faulty. E45 Door interlock sensing circuit triac faulty wrong input signal to microprocessor PCB faulty. E51 Motor power supply triac short- circuited PCB faulty; current leakage from motor or from wiring. Cycle blocked, door locked after 5 attempts. E53 Motor triac sensing circuit faulty input signal to microprocessor wrong PCB faulty.

Cycle blocked, door locked.

E54 Motor relay contacts sticking high voltage level when the relay changes to OFF PCB faulty; current leakage from motor or from wiring. The heating phase is Electrolux varslar 99. Safety drain cycle - Cycle stopped with door open.

E66 Heating element power relay faulty incongruence between sensing and relay PCB faulty. E68 Current dispersion to earth value of mains voltage different from main value Current dispersion between between heating element and earth. Cycle blocked with door open. E69 Heating element interrupted Wiring faulty; Heating element for washing interrupted thermofuse Dpen.

The drying heating phase is skipped.

Motor faulty; PCB Faulty. Wait for frequency nominal conditions. Warning displayed at the end of cycle specific LED.

Warning displayed after 5 attempts or by Electrolux varslar 99 specific LED. EF3 Aqua control intervention Water leaks onto base frame; water Electrolux varslar 99 system defective. EF4 Water fill pressure low, no signal of flowmeter and solenoid valve open Tap closed; water fill pressure low.

EF5 Unbalanced load Final spin phases skipped. Drain pump always works 5 min. Error code Fault condition E11 Fill time too long. E13 Water leak in the tub or air leak in air bell. E21 Water not pumpinq out fast enouqh.

E31 Electronic pressure switch failure. E32 Pressure sensor calibration problem. E35 Pressure sensor indicates water overfill. E38 Air trap clogged. E41 Control board thinks the door switch is open. E42 Door lock device failure E44 Door closed sensinq failure.

E45 Line door sensing failure. E46 Door command sense. E49 Door incnqruence between door line and door sense. E52 Bad siqnal from tacho qenerator. E57 High current on the inverter. E58 High current on motor phase. E59 No tacho Electrolux varslar 99 for 3 seconds. E5A The high temperature on heat sink caused by overloading.

E5F MC is continuously resettinq. E67 Heat sensing relay failure. E68 Current leakaqe to qround on heater or fuse opened. E69 Heating element relay failure. E71 Drum water NTC failure. Tub heater E74 Wash temperature does not increase. E91 Communication error between Ul board and main control board. E94 Main Board control problem.

E97 Console or Main Board control problem. E98 Console control problem. EF2 Too much soap. EF5 Incorrect water temperature. Open the water tap. Filter in screw connection of the inlet hose is blocked. Close the water tap. Unscrew the hose from the tap, remove the filter and clean under running water Water tap is blocked with limescale or is faulty Check the water tap and have it repaired if necessary. The fault code E20 appears. The washing is not sufficiently spun.

Water is left in the drum. Drain hose is kinked. Maximum pump head discharge height 1m "Electrolux varslar 99" the appliance's base is exceeded.

Electrolux varslar 99 your local Service Force Centre. For pumping heights over 1m, a conversion kit is available as a special accessory. Drain pump is blocked.

Switch off the Electrolux varslar 99 and pull out the mains plug. Clean the drain pump The fault code E40 appears. Close the door correctly. Start the programme again. An error in the program or in the machine is indicated on the display by an error code and a descriptive text. The errors will be displayed as for example The following is a description of all Major groups followed by a description of each error code.

The error can only be removed by turning of the power to the machine for 30 seconds.

The error code is activated if 15 seconds has expired during start up and Electrolux varslar 99 hardware still is not initialized. If the filling time exceeds the maximum allowed filling time, this error code will be displayed. Find common error codes for your Electrolux refrigerator at Sears PartsDirect.

Electrolux varslar 99 what to check and what repair is needed. The latest Tweets from Danfoss Group (@Danfoss). We supply #energyefficient and climate-friendly solutions for selected industries.

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