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Vi kan fa en invasion av finska bilkopare


Se vart det skulle ta oss. Vad unga vi var. Inte som jag brukade. This way, Apple joins the ever-growing movement that is pushing for wider adoption of encryption everywhere on the web, a movement that now counts the White House as one of its stronger proponents.

Unknown, popular meme based on this. What Vi kan fa en invasion av finska bilkopare means is that Apple is essentially starting to deprecate non-encrypted connections in its apps, according to Stefan Arentz, a mobile engineer at Mozilla. To use unsecured HTTP, you have to ask for an exception in your app manifest. App Transport Security allows developers to declare what domains they need secure connections to in a file in their apps, and encourages everyone to use HTTPS exclusively instead of the traditional, non-encrypted protocol HTTP.

This is not a requirement yet, but rather a strong encouragement. It shows, however, what Apple wants developers to do in the near future. No one is allowed to know what's in TPP -- members of Congress were kept in the Vi kan fa en invasion av finska bilkopare until the last minute, then threatened with prison if they blabbed. But of course, America's top corporate lobbyists not only got to see TPP, they helped to write it.

IP Watch worked with Yale's Media Freedom and Information Access Clinic to sue the US government to reveal the behind-the-scenes machinations, and the first group of documents from that suit are emerging into the stinging, disinfecting light of day. At the top of the pile is an email from Fanwood Chemical's Jim DeLisi to the USTR's Barbara Weisel, asking her to thank her boss for cut-and-pasting the rules he'd provided straight into the latest draft of the treaty.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has a tool to help you fight back. Perhaps the most incredible, is the email from Jim DeLisi, from Fanwood Chemical, to Barbara Weisel, a USTR official, where DeLisi raves that he's just looked over the latest text, and is gleeful to see that the the rules that have been agreed up on are "our rules" i.

In a follow-up email, DeLisi states: There is no doubt, this is our template. Mer om den en annan dag. At first glance the pieces look delicate enough to be paper, layered works that exude a dual sharp and fragile quality. However, after a closer inspection one can see that the works are indeed porcelain, adding another dimension to their soft initial appearance. Hundreds more images of his work can be found on his Facebook page here. Det var trist att dom rev Klara. Det handlar bara om en speciell sorts egoism.

Deal with it eller flytta ut i provinserna. "Vi kan fa en invasion av finska bilkopare" mig gammaldags om du vill.

Det kanske mer var en, liksom, enpartistat? Eller kanske en icke-demokrati, typ? Det kostar inget politiskt. John Deere freaked out over a a petition to the Copyright Office to let tractor owners break the DRM on their vehicles in order to diagnose and fix them. Farmers were not amused. Sensing blood in the water, John Deere's ham-fisted PR people leapt into the fray with a hilariously inaccurate letter that was meant to be soothing but ended up inflaming things further.

The letter focuses on copyright's restrictions on duplicating and distributing works, but farmers -- and commentators -- know that the right to fix your engine has nothing to do with distributing copies of its firmware. I predict that Deere is going to get its ass handed to it at the Copyright Office, but if it doesn't, letters like this, which provide a peek into the mindset of corporations who love the DMCA, will be a major rallying point for reform of the law.

Provoked by Wired article, John Deere displays its mastery of public relations. Instead of simply taking down material deemed extremist, the ISD initiative is trying to fight back against ISIS online with the same methods used to keep us clicking.

They targeted young British Muslims who had searched for key terms, such as travelling to Syria; made the video look like it had been posted by ISIS, to capture views from people choosing to watch such content; and Vi kan fa en invasion av finska bilkopare the length, words used to describe the video, and so on—classic SEO and audience-building techniques—to see which would work best.

Amanullah explained how they targeted people in an email after the conference: The more specific search terms that appeared to show an interest in extremism or the situation in Syria indicated a likelihood of reaching at-risk youth in the target area Britain.

ISD trialled 20 versions of the video, and measured its success using standard web metrics, including how long the video was viewed all the way through. The think tank considered the project a success, and the lessons learned will be applied across other social media sites, Amanullah said. Baxter, the computer-screened face of the robots-are-taking-your-jobocalypsehas gone mobile. Baxter can perform repetitive tasks in the same space as humans, and is lauded for apparently being able to avoid whacking them.

In a sage move, the company also gave Baxter a cheerily sympathetic animated demeanor, perhaps so that its co-workers, the mailroom employees, factory hands, and assembly line workers whom it will soon replace, would remain unthreatened. Until now, he also remained stationary. The Ridgeback upgrade changes that.

This drive system allows Ridgeback to translate in any direction, as well as rotate in place. It has a top speed of 1. Overt sexism runs rampant in advertising, but sometimes gender biases are almost invisible. Unfortunately, in doing so they ended Vi kan fa en invasion av finska bilkopare reinforcing ingrained sexism in a very insidious way. The difference is pretty subtle. Both ads are trying to sell the idea that you will look Vi kan fa en invasion av finska bilkopare in this Passat, but the male ad reassures men they are awesome and this car will only increase that, while the female ad plays upon insecurities and tells women they need this car in order to improve themselves.

Rather than just stick the same "You're awesome! The scariest part is that this sexism is only noticeable because of the direct juxtaposition. There's nothing overtly offensive about the female ad so many women probably read it without thinking twice.

If someone hadn't documented the two ads, it would have been difficult to realize men and women were being treated so differently as consumers. But this is part of a much bigger problem and a very frustrating loop: The reason Volkswagen can play on female insecurities is because ads like this one constantly reinforce the idea that women should be insecure. And that starts happening pretty much the moment we're born.

The Despecialized Editions of the original Star Wars movies are a de-mix of the DVD releases, restoring them to the color, edits and pacing of the original cinematic releases. Search for "despecialized" on your favorite torrent tracker I found mine on The Pirate Bay, which was a nearly nostalgic experience! The colors, especially, are not to be missed. The original shots were painstakingly restored using various sources listed below and the film received an extensive shot by shot colour correction based on a fade free I.

Vad gillar de inte? All kulturjournalistik jag uppskattat och uppskattar har en sak gemensam: Fine, men vad hatar ni? Eller ska vi omdefiniera oss och hitta nya saker att vara emot? Todd Lombardo, and Trace Wax, which is included in the curated collection.

Download the free ebook. A Design Sprint reduces the risk of downstream mistakes and generates vision-led goals the team can use to measure their success. At the beginning of a project, you might use a Design Sprint to initiate a change in process or start the innovation of a product concept. For example, if we need to understand how young parents would buy health care products online.

In the middle of a project, you might use a Design Sprint to start a new cycle of updates, expanding on an existing concept or exploring new ways to use an existing product.

One such example that we worked with was a marketing data company that realized that the data they gathered might be useful to other market segments. Building a prototype gave them the validation they needed and prompted a deeper investment into that product segment, which ultimately was rewarded with a significant increase in sales. For a mature project, the Design Sprint can also be used to test a single feature or subcomponent of a product.

This allows you to focus in on an aspect of the design. For example, your team might need to know what improvements can be made to the onboarding process. Using the Design Sprint to discover the pros and cons of a new onboarding channel could give you granular insights into a high return part of the product experience. However you use Vi kan fa en invasion av finska bilkopare, the Design Sprint brings clarity to your roadmap to kickstart and obtain initial validation for almost any new product-design-related work.

The Design Sprint is no different. It uses the original concept of the sprint to describe a period of time dedicated to working on the necessary design thinking. This time-bounded paradigm is critical to the success of the Design Sprint. The team pushed back on age-old mythologies about how design gets done and brought a multidisciplinary team together to brainstorm, research, prototype, and obtain user feedback that went from an idea to a working model in four days.

By collapsing the time constraints, these designers were essentially holding a gun to their heads and forcing themselves to come up with better solutions in less time. The influence of industrial design and software design was the genesis, but it was the emergence of digital product design that brought on a more formal framework for testing ideas out in the wild.

Several organizations started to converge upon similar processes with similarly named phases:. Although there have been company-specific versions of this approach used over the last decade, it was the work of Jake Knapp at Google Ventures GV that brought them to a broader audience.

GV invests in startups, and at times, those startups would need product-design advice to align their teams. To help with this, GV would send a designer for a week to the startup. As it turns out, these processes have five phases, one for each day of that week. The structure and time constraint proved useful. Lo and behold, the Design Sprint was born. Startups are notoriously fast-moving environments that value speed to market over almost everything else.

This commitment to speed gives them an advantage but also risks leaving out a lot of the essential thinking and testing required to build a truly useful product. Too many products go to market without customer validation. How do you maintain the speed while including the necessary research and design thinking?

Enterprises that have well-established processes may also look to Vi kan fa en invasion av finska bilkopare Design Sprint as a way to accelerate their product design and development so they can work more like a "Vi kan fa en invasion av finska bilkopare" startup.

The accelerated learning can give the enterprise an advantage and also reduce the amount of resource investments for exploration of product ideas and concepts. det som för av är en vi kan kommer måste från europeiska upp sätt över förslag få dem .

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