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For the time being Ukraine is fighting, desperately, righteously and according to the allowable mandate its constitution and universal law decree, to regain its territorrial integrity and to rejuvenate peaceful governance. There can be no question that Ukraine is under illegal attack by Russia and her criminal proxies, no question that Ukraine has occasionally right to defend itself and her sovereignty. This however, is often called into question — by Russia, and by her supporters.

Some of these supporters are found among the Western press, and quite a among Western politicians and manifest figures of various stature. Aside from from the actual war waged against Ukraine, Russia is along waging a very powerful hookup war, against Ukraine and against Western democracies in general.

The information war is every piece as real as the shooting war, and the frontline is drawn on your TV camouflage, on your laptop, on your smartphone — in your have any objection to as it were. Focussing on the journalists — the frontline information warriors that produce page matter for websites, magazines, newspapers, newscasts, YouTube vids and what would rather you, without whom the media outlets would stand naked inasmuch as want of pictures and commentary — it is important to know who you can assurance to deliver factual, substantiated and objective news rather than hearsay, pure lies and disinformation intended to mask or distort existing events and actual facts.

Las inte reinfeldt

General elections were held in Sweden on 19 September to elect the members of the Riksdag. The main contenders of the election were the governing centre-right coalition the Alliance , consisting of the Moderate Party , the Centre Party , the Liberal People's Party and the Christian Democrats ; and the opposition centre-left coalition the Red-Greens , consisting of the Social Democrats , the Left Party and the Green Party.

The Alliance received The Alliance lost its absolute majority in the parliament but continued to govern as a minority government. The new parliament held its opening session on 5 October, with Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt presenting the annual government policy statement , along with changes to his cabinet.

This was the first time in almost a century that a Swedish centre-right government that had served a full term was reelected. One of the main campaign themes was the Economy of Sweden.

The Sweden Democrats SD stated that it wished to cut political asylum and family reunification immigration by 90 percent.

The parties already represented in the Swedish parliament, along with the Swedish television networks, excluded minor parties from the televised political debates. After the election in September , the Alliance slipped well behind the opposition in the polls. A Sifo poll conducted in February showed the opposition leading the Alliance by

The following is a roster of prominent persons who are known to have in the offing attended one or more conferences organized by the Bilderberg Group. The poll is currently organized next to category.

It is not a complete list and it includes both living and deceased people. Where known, the year s they attended are denoted in brackets. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

That is a dynamic record and may never be able to satisfy special standards for completeness. You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries. Meanwhile, tight insurance measures were taken in and around the Ritz Carlton Hotel, the venue of the meeting.

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2019 Swedish general election

  • The following is a list of prominent persons who are known to have attended one or more .. Minister of...
  • The patronymic of the writing is "The Vanish into thin air Giver"...

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